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Transforming Face-lift Massage

Transforming Face-lift Massage

A combination of acupressure and facial rejuvenation techniques combine to create a gentle and effective session unique to each individual.

Transformational Face-Lift Massage (TFM) works with the vitality within the facial structures to increase elasticity and tone the layers of connective tissue.  TFM also supports the body by improving its underlying health through:

  • Increased Qi
  • Improved lympathic flow
  • Improved blood circulation and venous drainage
  • Balancing the cranial rhythmic pulse
  • Improved flexibility and integrity of the connective tissues
 This deeply relaxing work helps the nervous system as a whole to re-regulate through stimulation of the parasympathetic system; restores balance in the body as a whole by affecting Qi; and supports renewed health in the organs through acupressure points.  

 What begins as a face lift becomes a life lift, energy lift and spirit lift!

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