Top Massage Therapy Clinics in San Diego 2016
Janet Lawlor's practice has been recognized as one of the top San Diego Massage Therapy practices.

Cash or checks are accepted in office.  If you'd like to use a card, please call to make special arrangements.

Single session massage/bodywork therapies:

30 Minutes (all inclusive)                            $   50.00
60 Minutes (all inclusive)                            $   90.00
90 Minutes (all inclusive)                            $  130.00

Corrective bodywork:                                    $  150.00

Advanced training elements blend to correct postural distortions and musculoskeletal imbalances.  Include corrective exercise.

An increasing number of research studies show massage decreases stress, reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, increases blood circulation, and much more. Massage Therapy taps into the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.  As Dr. Ben Johnson says:  "Remove physiological stress from the body, and the body does what it was designed to do.  It heals itself."

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