Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:  Do you know why the wait is so long at most doctor's offices? It's because they overbook, secure in the knowledge that a certain amount of people are not going to show up for their appointments. I can't do that. A missed appointment, or cancellation at the last minute means a loss of income.  This is the reason my rescheduling/cancellation policy is 48-hours notice (2 business days). That allows me to refill your allotted time. Cancellations within the 48-hour time period or those who fail to show for their appointments are subject to a credit card charge or forfeiture of their gift certificate or other pre-paid massage. 

Confidentiality:  All client information gathered during your session is kept strictly confidential and released only if authorized in writing by the client, or compelled by law.

Late Arrivals:  Sessions begin and end at scheduled times.  Sessions begun late due to client’s late arrival will end at the appointed time and are full price. 

Gratuities:  Gratuities are an expression of your satisfaction with the service you have received, and while not required are appropriate and graciously accepted.  My average gratuity received for an hour's session is $20.00.

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