Massage for Golfers

Do you know that for every golf swing fault there's a physical limitation causing it?

Think of a golfer and one doesn't normally think of an athlete. However, this is doing the sport a huge disservice. In order to be an excellent golfer you need to be in excellent shape.

These days you'll find the professionals in the gym almost as much as they're out on the course. In the words of Tiger Woods "I think that guys are finally starting to take care of themselves. They're not out hitting it pretty hard at night, because they can't. They used to all do it, hence it was a level playing field! Now when we come to the golf course, guys have rested, they've worked out, gotten stronger, they've stretched and they've got personal trainers that travel with them."

Golfers are learning they don't need to be Tiger Woods to benefit from massage therapy. At destination spas and golf resorts around the world, massage sessions designed to target the specific needs of recreational golfers are gaining in popularity.

The most common golf injuries occur in the lower back, elbows, shoulders, hands and wrists, and are generally defined as either cumulative (overuse) or acute (traumatic) injuries. The impact and stress of the repetitive motion of the swing is can be hard on the muscles and joints.

More importantly, the average golfer spends more time hunched over a computer at work than on the green. The whole body is engaged during a golf swing and this is where muscular imbalances and tightness can mean the difference between hitting below par and ending up in the rough.

Sports massage can effectively free up any physical limitations, prevent injury, treat injuries and most importantly improve your golf swing.

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