Personalized Yoga Instruction for the serious student. 

  • Enhance your athletic ability
  • Gain flexibility
  • Reduce the risk of injury

Practice Yoga for health and long life.  Feel younger, look younger, live longer.  Yoga improves posture, range of motion and flexibility.  In addition, Yoga stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, increasing the dominance of the parasympathetic nervous system; decreases pulse and respiratory rates, increases the activity of the brain's alpha waves, increases cardiovascular and respiratory efficiency, and helps normalize weight.  The psychological benefits of Yoga include:  improved mood and increased feelings os well-being, reduction in anxiety and depression, increased grip strength, improved dexterity and fine motor skills, improved reaction time, steadiness, depth perception and balance.  Some of the biochemical benefits of Yoga are:  Decreased blood glucose (sugar), sodium and total cholesterol levels; decreased triglycerides (stored fat deposits), increased HDL (good) cholesterol, improved neurotransmitter function, improved immune system functioning, increases in Vitamin C levels, increased brain oxygen levels.

Download Yoga-to-Go

Yoga Poses DemystifiedLearn yoga in the comfort of your home or office. Enjoy the many benefits of yoga: fitness, flexibility, focus

"Since I joined your classes, I'm calmer and more centered.  I perform my job better, am more pleasant all the time.  I had no idea Yoga could make such a difference in my life." 


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