“A Body Mechanic!!  She plain fixed me. This was the second time an acute sports injury has crippled me and she saved me when no other [masseuse] massage therapist could help! I completely recommend her to everyone!”  S.K. 

“Janet is a Godsend. She understands the core of chronic pain and suffering and knows expert techniques to help you along your road to recovery, whatever you may be suffering with. Thank you again!”  Kimberly Me-lissa Valdespino-Martinez

The massages are great.  Janet has helped me every time I get a massage from her, she is wonderful, and I would recommend her to all. She is not only very informed about the needs of problem bodies but her massages provide a great sense of comfort so that people with physical problems con continue on. She is GREAT at listening as well. If you need help with your body problems she can help, you will feel a lot better when she is done. I highly recommend her.”  Carla Christian-Knepper

“OMG...Heaven!   I can't wait til my next massage. This was a great massage and I was sooooo relaxed afterwards. Janet was such a great massage therapist, she had her eye on the areas that bother me and she worked them good! Get you some of this!!!”  Diane B

“You identified an issue with my neck after an accident and remedied it quickly and cost-effectively.”  Michael Wohl


“Janet is very professional and skilled in the art of massage. She pays attention to what my body needs and not necessarily what I think it needs. After going to Janet I couldn't imagine going to anyone else.”  Laura H.

“I'm a surprise every time I see Janet. I never know what is going to come up and it keeps her on her toes. The good news is she relieves the problems my body was hiding.”  Ed Walk

“Janet has magic hands that seem to sense what my body needs.  She is always sensitive to my needs and actually listens.  She is awesome.”  Nica the electrologist

“You are the first therapist that treats my specific issues according to my condition on the day of treatment. I really feel the difference.”

“I really like the way you make me feel my pain issues are important to you and the time you take to explain what I can do to help myself. Rather than a quick message and you’re done.”  Lisa

“It's nice not taking "pot luck" when getting a massage. With Janet, you know she'll start on time and give you the entire time booked, AND you'll get a great massage -- from true therapeutic body work to a more relaxing style. Just tell her what you want/need and she'll provide it.”  Bill Sornson

“You are a master of diagnosing problems and resolving them.”

“Excellent service and addressed all my massage needs.”  Dirk B.

“I have a bulged disc in my lower back and Janet was able to help ease the pain and get the rest of my back to loosen up when the pain had caused it to lock up. I most enjoy the therapeutic feeling when the service is done. I know that I can fully relax and actually have more flexibility in the areas that I was tight, sore, and basically could not move in.”  Norene C.

“Best massage I've ever had .  Janet really knows her stuff. The massage was probably the best I've ever had. She did some really amazing things that I've never had done during a massage before. She really is much more than just a masseuse, and her work is more like physical therapy than the relaxation massage you get at spas. AMAZING!  A.S. 

“FABULOUS MASSAGE I have had numerous massages BUT none like the one I had last night. I was use to spa massages and was having issues with my hip & neck - let me tell you - that is a thing of the past I felt wonderful today & slept like a baby last night. She worked the kinks & knots out of this ole body.”  Roberta C.

“Excellent Experience  Only having a limited exposure to the art of massage, I think this experience was excellent. It was not like other massages. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Good to know that Kaiser insurance gets a discounted rate. If /when I am able to incorporate regular massages into my budget I will remember this experience!!”  Lisa R.

“Different From What I Expected...In A Good Way!  When I booked my appointment I was expecting a spa type massage, like the ones I had gotten in the past. I was surprised and didn't know what to expect when she told me that she specialized in medical massage. When my 90 minutes was up, I felt relaxed and for the first time in over two years didn't feel any pain in my back or neck. Thank you so much for the amazing sleep I have gotten the last couple nights due to having no back pain! Hope to see you again...soon!”  Krystal G.

“I have massages all the time but not like this. This was a WONDERFUL and you get stretched out at the same time. I like the ambiance of the cozy room in the back it is your own mini oasis.”  Lynn Sheldon

“Therapeutic and soothing.  Janet was able to locate and work out the worst of my knots. She focused on the problem areas but still managed to give a great all-around massage. She used a combination of Deep Tissue, Swedish, and was surprised and pleased when I realized she was practicing Reiki on my troublesome neck muscles. Would definitely go to her again.”   Dirk B.

“Fantastic!  Best massage I have ever received. Janet really knew what she was doing and then what she was talking about. She gave me things to work on so I can maintain proper alignment. Thanks!”  Katie

“A knowledgeable massage.   Oh what a difference it makes to be worked on by knowledgeable hands! While I need a lot of work, Janet's expertise and knowledge of the human body gave me new insights into my muscle soreness. Janet was more than happy to answer my questions along the way and it was clear from her techniques that she was very aware of where my tension and stress was kept. She actually paid attention to the client questionnaire and asked me about the areas I had marked & did something to help them. Thank you!”  K.J.L.

“Simply The BEST! Janet provided a professional, healing & therapeutic massage.In fact the very best I have ever received. I whole heartedly recommend her. After years of being in a high stress health care profession I am all too familiar with the aches and pains of long hours. She helped me to feel better than I have in years. For this I am truly grateful. I cannot wait to book my next massage with her. Thank YOU!”  Rita M.

“Knows What She's Doing.  My husband and I visited Janet yesterday for hot stone massages, and since I always have stiff shoulders due to constant computer work, she spent some time working out the knots there. She knew instinctively how much pressure to use and worked out my knots so that I now feel much better. Highly recommended!”  Christina C.

“Fantastic Healing Hands.  As a Videographer the job is pretty intense on my body. Heavy camera on my shoulder, long editing hours in the computer, stressful dead lines. When I first met with Janet she said "You are a mess" And that's exactly how I felt like. Right after my first session I came back to life! The massage was awesome and I had the chance to experience a few minutes of Energy Balance "Reiki" where I could feel a flow of energy from head to toes. Highly recommended! I've already booked my next visit!”  Antonio Ortoll 

“Just what I needed.  Janet knew exactly what areas I needed work on. Firm hands and an experienced technique paired with an ability to know exactly what pressure is needed and where make for a great massage experience. She was fantastic and I will definitely go back!”  Randy H.

“Great bodywork.  Janet gives a very good massage while intuitively telling you what work is recommended. I left the massage feeling great but was achy for the next few days. I don't know if this was related to the massage or not as I've never felt like that after a massage. I will still go back to get massages from her as well as recommend her to my friends.”  Jack S.

“Great massage.  Very attentive, experienced and definitely has been doing this a while, strong hands, and enjoys her job. Would recommend her to my patients and friends.”  June Melin, MD

“You're in good hands.  Janet is great. She explains everything and gives you a great massage while keeping a really relaxed environment. And she's also got really strong hands, so don't be shy about asking her for some deep tissue work.”  Felix Tinkov

“Wonderful Massage.  I've had several massages and Janet is definitely one of the best! She has a wonderful presence about her and a definitely gift for touch. I felt absolutely wonderful when I left.”  J.M.

“One of the best.  I've been to many massage therapists. Janet is without question, one of the best. Although I just saw her for the first time, I will be back. She really knows what she's doing and I can see where visiting her regularly can really make a difference in my overall well-being.”  J.B.

“Very skilled.  Janet's knowledge translates into muscle release. She works with muscle patterns and scar tissues through physical & massage therapy giving great results!”  A.O.

“Absolutely Great!  Not only is Janet a highly trained professional, she is a wonderful, caring person. Being a former chronic pain sufferer herself, she knows the viscious cycle of pain meds and surgeries. I have several issues including degenerative disk in my neck and thoracic outlet syndrom in my right arm. Through both physical and massage therapy, I am feeling 98% better and keeping the surgeons at bay. Thank you, Janet! I feel like I've been unpacked out of a box! See you soon!” Kathleen Argerake

“Janet did a wonderful job on identifying problem areas that even I had discounted. I noticed improvements immediately. Janet's massage was much more complete than the vast majority of treatments I have received from other therapists. I was completely satisified and look forward to our next appointment.” Catherine Valentine

"I would just like to thank you for your excellent work. I woke up the next morning feeling very rejuvenated and much more flexible. I have seen about a dozen body workers in my life, and I would have to say that you are one of the most effective therapists I have worked with.”  Brandon Pomerantz, Triathlete / Personal Trainer

 “Wonderful!  I have significant tension in my upper shoulders and neck area as well as headaches and migraines. Janet did amazing energy work, massage, and acupressure to relieve my stress. I left feeling light, happy, relaxed, and energized. She really knows what she is doing!”  Ariele Lugn

 “RELIEF!  I have had burning pain in my scapular area for 6 months , Janet worked out all the kinks, and although it was intense muscle work I really feel like the results are amazing. She knows the body and I would recommend her to anyone...and I have !!”  Happy Customer

 “Excellent Work.  Janet really knows what she's doing when it comes to body work, I could tell after the first few minutes of talking with her. The work she did on my neck and shoulder was amazing, I haven't felt so good since before my car accident. I would definitely recommend her to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have issues with pain. I can't wait to see her again.”  K.F.

 “Wonderful!! I had a great experience. She was very knowledgeable and helped my neck and back greatly. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I will for sure go again.”  M.T.

 “Thank you so much for making this relaxing and delivering as you promised. I have asked for deep tissue before with other places but now I know what a deep tissue massage is.”  Monica J.

 Amazing, and so relaxing!  I had such a wonderful experience when I had my massage done the other day! I had the 90-minute treatment, and while I have only had 2 other massages before, she really got into some of my problem areas and helped me feel more relaxed and comfortable than I've felt in a while; I even fell asleep on the table a few times!”  C.S.

 “Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you so much for such an incredible massage. When I left yesterday one of the things I noticed as I backed my car out of the parking space, was that I could turn my head further to look over my shoulder than I have in months! Now if only I could come weekly!!!!”  Jan

 “Loved it!  Janet made me feel very comfortable as this was my first time getting a professional massage. I really liked this little place and I would recommend this to anyone. My head is relaxed and my shoulders do not hurt as much. I really enjoyed the massage and will definitely be going back soon.”  Diana Sinohui-Wehde

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