Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans

Maintenance Plans
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The soft tissues of the human body are responsible for more pain, injury and dysfunction than all other systems of the body and can range from a minor nuisance to a life changing limitation.  Chronic pain, repetitive strain and restricted motion can deplete your levels of health and vitality, limit participation & performance in your activities and create a challenging environment for you to exist within.  In most cases, conventional medicine tends to focus on alleviating symptoms rather than seeking out and treating the cause of your pain or advocating prevention.  This is typically done with drugs, injections, surgery or other modalities that often yield very little relief or long term resolution....not to mention the unpleasant side-effects.  The secret to successfully eliminating chronic pain is often so simple that it gets lost in a maze of diagnostic testing, invasive treatment options and trips to the pharmacy.  The solutions are likely to be found by getting back to basics with skilled, no-nonsense hands-on treatment...a common sense approach to pain relief.

Make a real commitment to your health with this 6-month investment in your health.

By ordering any of these maintenance plans, you agree to pay for such discounted services at the beginning of each month on a prorated monthly basis, calculated on a 52 week/year basis, as follows:
o        Weekly:  Weekly session fee of $72.00 is charged at the rate of $312.00/month
o        Bi-weekly:  Bi-weekly session fee of $77.00 is charged at the rate of $166.83/month
o        Semi-monthly:  Semi-monthly session fee of $77.00 is charged at the rate of $154.00/month
o        Monthly:  Monthly session fee is $82.00

  • Merchant agrees that customer may “skip” one session per each six month period, or two sessions per year, upon notice from customer,
  • This contract is a self-renewing 6-month contract, subject to annual price increases upon 30 days notice,
By ordering any of these plans, you warrant that all information provided is accurate and complete, you agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein, and you agree that the full contracted amount may be immediately called due at Nature’s Way, Inc.’s discretion if any charges are declined or charge backs are claimed against any outstanding invoiced amounts.  Disputes to amounts invoiced and charged should immediately be reported to Janet Lawlor at, or to the street address.  Changes in the status of this card can also be reported to

These sessions are for integrated therapeutic massage full body sessions.  There may be an additional charge for medical massage, Sports Massage or Ortho-Bionomy sessions.

This contract may be terminated at the end of each 6-month commitment period, by sending written communication to or 1111 Fort Stockton Drive, Suite H, San Diego, CA 92103.

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